Hi!   Welcome!  Let me start by telling you just a little bit about myself.  I’m Jess, I’m the gal behind J Turner Fine Art.  I’ve always been an artist, I can’t really remember a time when I haven’t been creating something.  I love to look for the beauty in this world that the good Lord created.  My photography journey started a little while ago when I was encouraged by some friends and mentors to invest in some better equipment so that I could become a better painter.  Little did I know, (or they probably),  that I would fall in love with taking photos and capturing moments on camera!!  And so my journey continues….

I’m a wife to a rancher and farmer (in that order) and a mom to two pretty special kids.  My life is pretty busy daily, as I am also an artist and a teacher.  I love coffee and chocolate and jogging with friends.